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We fuel complex pricing algorithms with big energy data and advanced weather forecasting. As a result we are able to manage risks, maximize megawatt value, reduce CO2 emissions and stabilize the grid.

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Renewable Energy Parks - PPA's

Predominantly owners of windmill and solar parks who trust us to optimize the revenues of their utilities.

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Part of our earnings are reinvested in energy trading. Profits are used to develop and optimize our services.

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The importance of factoring battery degradation in the equation of optimizing battery revenues

07 January 2021
Battery technology has attracted a great deal of interest because of their potential use cases in the energy sector. As the number of intermittent renewable energy sources in the power grid grows, it is becoming more and more important to…
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How to increase a solar park’s revenue?

12 December 2019
How would you install a solar park? Standard logic tells us that to produce the most power, a solar park should be facing south. This may be true for sunnier countries but not in the Netherlands. Effects such as local…
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Priogen people love big data and technology. We’re dedicated to build and optimize scalable solutions that help accelerate the energy transition. Today we happen to make most of our money in trading.

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Maximizing revenues requires advanced big data analytics such as weather forecasting. Subsequently we continuously invest in thoroughly understanding the landscape. Our knowledge fuels the impact of our services.

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what we do

We focus on renewables

Sure, we are focused on renewable energy; but not exclusively. In this transitional era, there are many interdependencies between different energy sources and markets. That’s why we maintain a broad scope and product portfolio.