Day ahead trading is the core of the company. With our data and team driven fundamental approach we have grown the company to what it now is. We believe to be one of the top performers in the market for the last years.

Day ahead trading

At Priogen, we excel in energy trading. Our scientific models drill down fundamental consumption data, fuel prices and weather data to identify arbitrage and trading opportunities.

By combining statistical analysis with creativity and strong business sense, while keeping an important eye on risk management, our people identify profitable trading opportunities


We cover the entire range of short- to long-term markets across the European energy landscape. Currently we are a member of EPEX, EEX & NordPool energy exchanges.

We actively trade a wide range of energy products, with a focus on both financially and physically settled electricity products.

We have traded intraday in the company almost since the beginning. With the addition of more and more renewables to the market and Priogen’s portfolio the intraday market will be crucial to optimize the revenue from all renewable sources.