We understand your needs. As a renewable energy entrepreneur, you need to invest and maintain the quality of your assets. Assurances and maximized revenues make your life easier. At Priogen we combine trading knowledge with detailed meteo knowledge. This is important as renewable energy is correlated in its essence with weather. The more concise the production of a solar park is forecasted, the more revenues it will generate. But you know what they say: the weather can change in a heartbeat.

Priogen is proud to employ 7 highly specialised meteorologists that work with experienced traders who have a broad scope on the renewable energy market. Powered by proven analytics and state of the art pricing algorithms, our team is known to deliver the highest accuracy rates in the market. And unlike alternatives in the market, Priogen is independent and focused on renewable energy.

We continuously improve our forecasting results and revenues. Subsequently our share of voice is rapidly growing in both markets: Supply and demand. Already we settle for most accurate discount rates in the market, and we predict them to become even more accurate and therefore lower as we gather extensive knowledge from our suppliers’ assets and on weather patterns.

What’s in it for you?

Asset owner

Do you generate electricity? We are interested in buying the output of your solar park. Priogen seeks to build a trusted relationship with plant owners ranging from individual stand-alone contracts to longer term agreements. And our services will help you gain certainty in the highly volatile energy market and grow more value. For example, take a look at our SDE tracker.

Our experts specialize in handling price and volume risk tailored to your individual risk profile. They are highly skilled in forecasting each part of the day-ahead, intraday and imbalance markets.

Combined with our deep understanding of meteorology we optimize your generation activities: we buy your energy capacity for the best possible price and reduce hedging and imbalance costs.

Imbalance risks

What’s in it for you

Imbalance costs are inevitable when you trade physical power. As the grids needs to be balanced all 96 Program Time Units in a day.

Looking to divest/mitigate all or a part of your imbalance costs? Priogen would love to take over these risks. By taking over we mean: we’ll forecast, nominate and we’ll pick up the cheque for the imbalance.

Imbalance costs are related to your forecast and your actuals (production or consumption) and the imbalance price at that specific time. For the sake of it, average hourly imbalance prices have been used in the example below.

At the graph you will see the solar power forecast and actual solar power production of a solar park in the Netherlands on April 30, 2018. As you can clearly see, we forecasted an increasing production due to more solar expected from hour 7 onwards. However, on the actual production day (a day after the forecast needs to be sold) it turned out that the expected solar production increase did not materialize as expected. To make it even worse, the solar production dropped instead.


On a rainy day

One of the problems with solar is when the sun does not shine, the park is not producing. But when you forecasted incorrectly, and your forecast did not materialize, you and depending on the size of the incorrect forecast the TSO have an issue (when the entire Dutch market had incorrect forecasts).

That happened here: imbalance prices went through the roof, please have a look at the next graph. You can clearly see the impact of an incorrect forecast during hours with high imbalance prices: high costs, as you need to buy back the difference between forecasted and actuals at (very) high prices.

What's in it for you?

Advanced power forecasting

That is what we are good at: shaping, forecasting and taking the imbalance risks and costs on our own books. Shaping the variable renewable energy production profile into a consumption profile or into standard wholesale market products, like a base load or vice versa.

Looking to invest your trust in a solid partner to manage risks and increase profits? Priogen has what it takes. We have the vision, dedication, skills and insights that enable unparalleled quality of forecasting.

Larissa Gunst Originator / meteorologist
As a solar park owner you are exposed to many risks in the power market. At Priogen we understand these risks, we provide multiple services for solar parks. Want to know more about our solutions?