Different by design

When Priogen started in 2010, we knew we could only succeed if we did things differently. Rather than following what everyone else was doing, we created our own models, methods and systems internally. This innovative mindset is still at the foundation of our culture.

Innovation within Priogen comes in many different shapes and sizes. When the renewable boom started, we built an in-house atmospheric science team to first supplement and then surpass the data available externally. When we moved beyond trading, we developed unique services based on client needs rather than existing blueprints.

We constantly expand our product suite and geographical footprint to apply our existing knowledge and skills to new markets and environments. And since we know that we don’t know everything, we seek out like-minded partners who share our vision, from renowned research institutions to young and hungry start-ups.

Innovate to create value

As an independent company, we rely on being innovative to generate value. We want to continuously challenge the status quo, both in the energy industry and within our own organization. This means that our models and forecasts work differently and give new insights to those who use them. It means that we are willing to develop the products and services you need, even if your needs are unique. Finally, and most importantly, it means that we never lean back and take it easy, but relentlessly look for ways to improve the things we do.