There are multiple ways for industrials to benefit from the volatile energy markets. There are industrials that have embedded flexibility in their consumption. Others have their own power plants. Basically you have two options to benefit: there is optimization possible between your forecasted power consumption and your actual power consumption. And almost every industrial has embedded flexibility of responding to fluctuations of energy markets, within the constraints of your core business processes obviously.

Regarding the latter, can your production processes respond to the volatility of electricity prices? Is your company able to consume less at higher prices and consume more during lower prices?

As a manager responsible for energy you’ve probably heard these questions often nowadays as flexibility is one of the buzz words. But your core product is not selling power, it’s something else. However, at what power price are you willing to optimize your power consumption? Perhaps this a question that can put the situation into perspective.

Power forecasting services

Regarding the first, there is always room to optimise your forecasted power consumption (or your own power production, for some industrials). Your forecasts are never the same as your actuals, or hardly. But we believe that we can do this better as trading power is our core business.

Priogen can offer power forecasting services, Power Purchase Agreements and we can take over your imbalance risks where we pick up the bill for the imbalance costs that you occur as a power producer or consumer.