At Priogen we see gas as a the bridge between renewable energy and the fossil fuels. It is the most clean fossil fuel available and a great improvement to coal as a resource. It’s becoming a global market because it has a multi-purpose use and also because of LNG which allow it to connect to Asia, Europe and the US.

We also manage gas-fired power plants for asset owners, combining our power and gas trading infrastructure with in-depth understanding of the optimization potential of assets.

The development of LNG transforms the regional gas market into global markets. Biggest upside of this development is the steady global price and security of supply.

Globally there is a big trend where we see traders switch from coal to gas. There is no point of having money, if you don’t have your health. With this gas is a big part of the energy transition.┬áThis is why Priogen has the ambition to trade LNG, to accelerate the energy transition.