At Priogen we are committed to accelerate the energy transition. We strongly believe renewable energy has to be profitable to change things for the better. As long as there’s more financial gain in trading fossil fuels, conflicts of interest will slow us down.

With a purpose driven team we built a highly advanced trading floor, with strong focus on renewable energy. The better we forecast the weather, the more profit we generate, the bigger the difference we make.

We’re ambitious, never satisfied. Forecasting is a game of inches. We feel there is always room for improvement.  We’re techie We’re geeky. Our team loves to experiment. Either we win or we learn.

When the stakes are high, you require the best forecasting models, R&D, you need to refresh algo’s all the time.  You need to get IT done. You need the best team! We’re traders, researchers, developers, analysts, meteorologists. We’re winning. And we’re hiring!  

Come join our mission. We want your energy. Make your move to Priogen.