Taking away daunting complexity


Taking away daunting complexity


Combining statistical analysis
with ambitious creativity


Creating a profitable energy
storage business case

Demand Response

Creating value from your plant flexibility

Generation Under Management

Gaining certainty in a highly complex energy market

Buying the right energy products at the right time is quite a challenge. The complexity of today’s highly volatile energy market is the most significant barrier to efficient energy sourcing.

We take away this barrier and help you find the optimal solution within the constraints of reliability, affordability and sustainability.

Energy sourcing strategies that match your demand

We use various scientific models to analyze complex data on market conditions and produce detailed price forecasts. With our 24/7 eye on the market we can move quickly and manage your interests in line with your risk profile.

Tell us about your company’s specific energy demands and we will apply a secure energy procurement strategy with future proof purchasing decisions and maximum price advantage.

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