Creating a profitable energy
storage business case


Taking away daunting complexity


Combining statistical analysis
with ambitious creativity


Creating a profitable energy
storage business case

Demand Response

Creating value from your plant flexibility

Generation Under Management

Gaining certainty in a highly complex energy market

The energy market is moving from a demand led, fossil fueled business to a market dominated by renewable, weather related supply changes. This results in an increased demand for backup and flexibility.

We see energy storage as a critical factor in speeding up this transition. Specifically, batteries can be a significant part of the answer to market challenges, ranging from the ancillary services to peak shaving and intraday balancing.

Maximize the return on battery investments

Priogen seeks to play a leading role in optimizing energy storage assets. We produce the essential market insights necessary to create maximum value on your battery investments.

Our skills in forecasting day-ahead and intraday market prices combined with our deep understanding of meteorology allow us to spot arbitrage and trading opportunities, leading to increased profitability.

Are you aiming at maximum return on your battery investments?

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