We are proud to announce our Ambassadorship for European Utility Week 2017, this year co-located with EMART Energy. We think connecting both worlds is essential for the future of the power grid.

Truly connecting the smart building blocks of the energy grid

As we speak, more data around energy demand and supply is becoming available. And many companies are investing heavily in smart devices and applications that can control demand or supply. 

However, it’s the sum of the flexibility contributions of these individual building blocks that creates overall grid flexibility. A seamless understanding of supply and demand data at grid level, translated in a solid power price forecast, can provide the necessary financial incentives to “flex-connect” these smart building blocks.


"Co-locating EMART & EUW fits perfectly with our view that price forecasting plays a critical role in facilitating tomorrow’s smart grid.

At Priogen we are already creating the necessary financial incentives for individual smart devices & software to truly connect and together form the future flexible grid."

Bart de Brouwer, Head of Business Development

About EMART and EUW

EMART Energy combines a strong conference programme with a lively exhibition floor, interactive hub sessions and multiple networking moments divided over two days. Attracting 650+ attendees, of which 64% represent the largest trading firms from across 30+ countries, EMART Energy is the no. 1 platform for Europe’s Energy Traders.

By co-locating with European Utility Week 2017, EMART Energy keeps the pace with the new market dynamics, allowing its attendees, exhibitors and partners to strengthen their contact with new players, energy providers and industry stakeholders, and expand their knowledge by sharing experiences, case studies and best practices with the smart energy community.

European Utility Week is the premier business, innovation and information platform connecting this community, connecting experts from utilities, network operators, vendors, consultants, startups and system integrators covering the entire smart energy value chain.